Stereoskopix™ FOV2GO Package for Unity
Create and play Unity games in full immersive stereoscopic 3D!
NEW - VERSION 2!! Completely updated, tons of new features, full documentation!
Create and play Unity games in full immersive stereoscopic 3D!
Available for FREE on the Unity Asset Store!

Stereoskopix FOV2GO for Unity is donationware. If you find this software useful, you are encouraged make a donation (any amount; whatever you think is fair). These donations will help fund further development. Any and all donations are very much appreciated!


Stereoskopix FOV2GO for Unity supports nearly any kind of stereo 3D display system on desktop, web and mobile.

* Side-by-side for FOV2GO viewers (and 3D TVs) **
* Anaglyph (red/blue) & additional formats ***
* Full interactive control of all stereo 3D parameters
* Full documentation with example scenes, tutorials, prefabs
* Includes updated iOS and Android gyroscope script for portable Virtual Reality on mobile devices
* Flexible virtual touchpad system & 3D cursor for user input & interaction on mobile devices
* Includes templates and instructions for making your own
FOV2GO viewer for your iOS or Android phone or tablet


is a software and hardware kit that supports the creation of immersive virtual reality experiences using smartphones and other mobile devices.
Visit FOV2GO@MXRLAB for more information, documentation, templates, instructions, etc.
For support and questions, please contact: